What is it about Sparkling Rosé

What is it about Sparkling Rosé

 Our Sparkling Rosé is made by the classic method, which means the bubbles come from fermentation in the bottle.  It is the method by which all best sparkling wines are created.

 What is fermentation? In this context, it is the creation of wine from the cells and sugars and fibres which make up our premium fruit.

 Our Sparkling Rosé is wine first, then sparkling.  There are two fermentations: the first to make our wine, the second to make our wine sparkle!

 Our Sparkling Rosé is mainly pinot grapes: Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, blended with Chardonnay. 

  • Pinot Noir is a classic and delicate grape variety, appealing to the taste of those who prefer their wine to develop characters in the glass over the course of a bottle. Pinot Noir brings nuances and aromas, textures and tannin profiles for those who look for these points of difference from full, front-ended wines.

  • Pinot Meunier is a variation on Pinot Noir, characterised by its white flowers on the vine and dusty white shading underleaf. It blends beautifully with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in development of our Sparkling Rosé.


Our Sparkling Rosé has attracted warm recognition; here are the words of Huon Hooke, writing recently for The Real Review:

 Light to very light salmon-pink hue. The bouquet is faintly herbal with some celery-like notes, the palate soft and round, finely-textured and intense, the flavours focused and fine, taut and long and very appealing. There's a tinge of honey. It's complex, multi-faceted, and entertaining. There's a hint of liqueur sweetness cleverly counterpointed by fresh acidity, the whole thing transmitting serious energy. A top wine.


Our Sparkling Rosé matches beautifully with classic French and Italian cooking, and with Asian spicy foods – such as from India, Japan, China and Korea.  Best of all, seafood is a perfect match – especially Tasmanian seafood – rock lobster, oysters and scallops, deep sea wild fish and Tassie’s trademark salmon!

Why not match our Sparkling Rosé with a new recipe!

Harry Rigney